Dance Shoes - Diora - Create your own shoe

The Lalafarjan dance shoe Diora is highly coveted by women and is considered an absolute all-rounder.

Delivery time 2-8 weeks
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Configure your own individual Lalafarjan model now!

- The dance shoes should be as individual and unique as each dancer!

- Since everyone has very personal and individual ideas, wishes, ideas and needs when it comes to a dance shoe, we would love to pursue them all and have the perfect dance shoe created for everyone.

- Create your own shoe - by Lalafarjan allows you to freely design your personal favorite model from our collection and put it together yourself.

- We provide different heel heights and shapes, as well as colors and materials.

- All possible variants are listed at the top of the selection, which should leave nothing to be desired in the future.

- Configure the desired model according to your own ideas (size, heel, colour), place the unique item in the shopping cart and place the order.

- This shoe is now specially made for you, so that you can look forward to your very personal, individual dance shoe after about 8 weeks at the latest!

- Since these are custom-made items, these pieces of jewelery are non-returnable.

- If you have any questions, requests or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us!