PARTNERSHIP & Cooperation


A formation team always tries to meet the highest demands. The visual appearance and functionality play a very important role. We at Lalafarjan will be happy to support you and equip your team with the highest quality training clothing for men and women as well as with the ideal footwear, or even with tournament outfits for men. Our clothing withstands the toughest training sessions and offers maximum comfort. With our dance shoes, you are free to choose which heels your team chooses. If you would like to be equipped and supported by us, please contact us, because we support where we can and have special conditions ready for you.

Here you will find our formation special:


Do you have your own dance school and would you like to be able to offer your customers the highest quality dance shoes at great prices? The revodancer also causes a lot of enthusiasm in your premises? And your customers are blown away by our range? So don't hesitate any longer and feel free to contact us so that we can put together an individual partner program. You and your customers will benefit from our high-quality range and become a part of LALAFARJAN.

Lalafarjan- Supporters/ Influencers

Do you love our brand, do you wear our latest trends and would you like to infect everyone with them? And then you are also active on Instagram and have a dance-loving follower community?
Then contact us, because we at Lalafarjan are happy to welcome new, supportive faces into the Lalafarjan family!