We, Vladislav and Artyom, are a family business and we are engaged in the production of
dance shoes and dancewear. As shoemakers in the fourth generation, the craft was put into our cradle. Coupled with the apprenticeship as a tailor, our knowledge and experience enables us to produce high-quality products for your passion.

What makes us so special

As former, successful professional dancers, we are always connected to dance sport and know exactly what is important when it comes to dancing. The close connection to the dance scene enables us to constantly develop and perfect our products. We design, develop and produce our goods ourselves.

what we offer you

We are still one of the few who cover almost all segments of the dance scene and serve both the tournament and the society scene. With us you get the highest quality dance shoes, dance sneakers and training clothes
for men as well as for women. We also offer you the individually tailor-made production of dance shoes and tournament clothing
for men in the ballroom and latin segment.

We look forward to always providing you with the best quality,

Vladislav & Artyom Lalafaryan

our philosophy

AMBITIOUS, wanting to make a difference, RESPECT, DISCIPLINE and VISIONARY POWER form the main pillars of the joint work and thus make a major contribution to joint success.



the company starts in Wuppertal
with the tailor-made tournament clothing
for ladies and gentlemen.


the time of creation and production of the popular dance shoes from LALAFARJAN begins. Wladislav & Artjom owe the production and development to their father Vartan Lalafarjan,
who took over the craft of the shoemaker in the 4th generation.


The first collection of training clothing for men and women is created. The range now offers a wide selection of professional dancewear and delights dancers all over the world.


the first tailor-made dance tuxedos from the Lalafarjan company are launched. In a very short time, the team manages to establish the made-to-measure dance tailcoat as an absolutely top product in the dance scene. Today, the tailcoats are among the highest quality and most respected in dance sport.


a large-scale production of the dance shoes is made possible so that we can meet the high demand for Lalafarjan dance shoes and introduce further new models.


comes another big highlight.
An appearance on the television show follows


There the new top product: Revodancer –
The lifestyle sneaker with a suede sole, introduced.
The dance sneaker is very popular with the audience and it quickly becomes clear that this is an absolute trend product for almost every dance scene!

The business model has been massively expanded in recent years. In this way, what started out as a simple studio has grown into a leading German manufacturer of high-quality products such as dance shoes, dancewear and dance tuxedos and made-to-measure tournament clothing.