(1) What is included in the price of a made to measure dance leotard?

You receive:

  • A dress jacket
  • A pair of dance pants including suspenders (already attached to the pants)
  • A handkerchief
  • A Lalafarjan garment case
  • A Lalafarjan hanger

...and of course an indescribable wearing comfort.

(2) How many fittings are needed?

You only have to appear in Düsseldorf for a fitting.

(3) Can I also measure myself independently?

You are also welcome to do it yourself
take your measurements with the help of our professional video instructions.

If necessary, we can also support you in a zoom call.

This saves you having to travel to us in Düsseldorf.

(4) When do payments fall during the manufacture of a
Made-to-measure tuxedos?

With the order confirmation
a deposit of 50% is due.

We calculate the remaining 50% at the fitting.

(5) Can I make the tailcoat out of a different material?
have it made in a different color?

You are welcome to express your special requests and ideas.

We always make the classic dance tailcoat/leotard from our light, breathable and stretchy material. This material stands for the high standard of Lalafarjan dance tuxedos & leotards and brings with it the indescribable wearing comfort at the tournament.

We also offer the production of tailcoats/suits made of velvet.

Tails & suits that are to be carried out outside of the tournament events can be made of any
Materials are tailored, as other requirements are placed on such outfits.

(6) How long does it take from the order confirmation to the completion of the custom made Lalafarjan tuxedo dress?

The entire process depends on the current order situation.

Since our tailcoats/suits are extremely popular, we ask that you contact us at an early stage.

On request, we also offer the option of express production.

Please do not hesitate to contact us.

10. Is it possible to order just a tuxedo/dance jacket or just trousers?

You are welcome to have only the tailcoat/dance jacket or only the dance trousers tailored.

11. Are there combination packages?

  • Tailcoat (classic) made to measure
  • Tailcoat (velvet) made to measure
  • Dance suit (classic) made to measure
  • Tailor-made (velvet) leotard
  • Dance double breasted
    (classic) made to measure
  • Custom made dance double breasted (velvet).

Feel free to combine 2, 3 or more tournament outfits. In the package price we let you benefit in terms of price.

In addition, you save yourself the production of several trousers, since one pair of trousers can be combined with all outfits.

Feel free to ask us.

12. Can I also purchase the accessories from you?

Of course, we also offer accessories that are ideal
is tailored to the dance tailcoat/dance leotard.

This includes:

  • a dress shirt body
  • a collar
  • two buttons
  • a fly

(7) How do I tailor the Lalafarjan tailcoat
right on?

1. Put the dress shirt body and trousers on completely.

2. Slip into the tailcoat jacket. Don't close the jacket yet.

3. Connect tailcoat jacket and trousers: White perforated rubber (in
inside of the tailcoat jacket) with a white button (on the trousers). Black
button (inside the dress jacket) with the black buttonhole (on the pants)

4. Close the hook on the tailcoat jacket.

5. Fasten collar: Long collar button in front through the
Put collar through. Short collar button at the back through the collar hole
put through. Fabric collar both back and front with collar buttons

6. "Hang up" the tailcoat jacket: white perforated rubber (on the collar of the
dress jacket) to the short collar button (at the back).

7. Put on the bow tie and position it.

(8) How do I care for/clean the dance tailcoat?

You can easily have our tailcoats dry cleaned.

Or you can gently wash the dance tails in lukewarm water in the bathtub.

Then hang it (not in the sun) to dry.

(9) Can I also make a dance leotard/jacket?

Of course we also tailor dance suits. We offer single-breasted and double-breasted suits.

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us. We are here for you and happy to help. Your Lalafarjan team