Dance Shoes - Alejandra - Create your own shoe

Comfort & elegance are combined!

The Lalafarjan dance shoe We recommend every dancer to keep the Alejandra series in their repertoire, because this shoe provides maximum comfort when dancing and is ideal for Latin & ballroom training.

Delivery time 2-8 weeks
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Configure your own individual Lalafarjan model now!

- The dance shoes should be as individual and unique as each dancer!

- Since everyone has very personal and individual ideas, wishes, ideas and needs when it comes to a dance shoe, we would love to pursue them all and have the perfect dance shoe created for everyone.

- Create your own shoe - by Lalafarjan allows you to freely design your personal favorite model from our collection and put it together yourself.

- We provide different heel heights and shapes, as well as colors and materials.

- All possible variants are listed at the top of the selection, which should leave nothing to be desired in the future.

- Configure the desired model according to your own ideas (size, heel, colour), place the unique item in the shopping cart and place the order.

- This shoe is now specially made for you, so that you can look forward to your very personal, individual dance shoe after about 8 weeks at the latest!

- Since these are custom-made items, these pieces of jewelery are non-returnable.

- If you have any questions, requests or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us!